Trevi Fountain

by Kwyjibo

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Recorded with Dave Wurtzel.


released August 10, 2011



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Track Name: No Name #7
I guess that seeing clearly won’t come as easy as I thought.
Track Name: That's Right
The words felt like a straight punch to the gut.
Reopening of an age old cut.
So give up on trying to pretend,
tell me, what do you know about being a friend?

Not much.

So much time spent feeling wrong,
only to find I saw clearer than they all thought.
These ties are broken, and I won’t mend.
Tell me, what can you say in your defense?

The second chances fly out the window as we drive all night.
And yeah, I did say I was wrong. but that doesn’t mean you were right.

That's right.
Track Name: June 30th
Seven A.M. June 30th. I’m wide awake, it’s morning.
I can’t keep this up forever.
Eleven P.M. Inside your lips. somehow still left wondering.
You can’t keep this up forever.

And there was something in the way that you loosely gripped my hand that screamed:
“You were never part of the plan.”

Your starry eyes made for such a surprise
when I touched your chest and felt no beat.
Track Name: Skeleton
No closet seems to hold my skeleton.
My gut hit the floor as soon as she walked in.
It’s been that way since the first impression.

I left myself unguarded.
My dream of a life without parties would never fit in with your plans.
Should’ve known that.

and I can point out all your flaws, but it won’t make me any less lost.
And I can act like you’re not there. But if I'm acting, I must still be aware.
Track Name: Yeah But Still
Lost track of all the times I've sat in this room,
strumming this guitar and singing out of tune.
Fucking miserable on account of you
and all the careless things you do.

The words you spoke pound in my head
like waves to shore.
Tried and I tried to silence myself
but I can't hold my tongue anymore.

Remember the day when I came home?
Feeling so lucky to have you here
couldn't wait to get you alone.
Guess it was too much to ask of you to say,
simple words like "I missed you while you were away."

I guess I can only blame myself for having faith,
believing all the lies you told as you stared me right in the face.

it's funny how we transform things when we want to believe. Looking back, you were everything you promised you'd never be.

Truly hope you're satisfied with what you've done.
I hope the price you paid was worth those seconds of fun.
I won't hear your apologies, I won't forgive.
Rid you from my life, like water from a sieve.
Track Name: Care
In trying to forget her face, I forgot what mine looked like.
I've found there's more to being happy than being right.
I won't lie to you and tell you I'm not scared.
But how could you think I don't care?
Track Name: I'm Not Superstitious, Just A Little 'stitious
It’s funny how running from something usually ends in running into it.
Cause lately I've been running from nothing and that’s what I’m left with.
And sometimes I let the cold air convince me the warmth’s not there.
But I’m learning to believe.

I hope the sun sends these feelings away with the winter.
Track Name: Microphone
For the better part of the past year, I’ve been staring across the room
hoping you’d come into view.
And just when you do, I get too scared to move.
It only goes to prove that I’m the only reason why I’m stuck here
A thousand miles from home, it’s still weighing me down.
And I’m scared that while I’m drowned in static,
the phone will ring and i won’t hear it.
Now I’m going home, but what good is home if I don’t feel at it?
Track Name: You Can't Rob A Man With No Stuff
So we went and changed. Left a friendship in our wake.
I won't take the blame. We're just not the same.
And we both know I'm not the only one that's letting go.
Oh no.

We're products of a situation we brought upon ourselves.
All we're good at is turning our backs.
Why should I respect you if you don't yourself?

And should summer help you remember my name, I'll be here to laugh in your face.
Track Name: Trevi Fountain
I'm one boy with one voice that strays so far from the melody.
With one mind with thoughts that stray so far from normality.

My friends are my drinks, my guitar, the thoughts that don't haunt me and the dreams that don't taunt me.

Dear You,
I threw your coin in Trevi Fountain. In some fucked up way, your wish came true.

And my face is still red, but I'm tired of wasting words and ink on you.

I'll never let you know, but I think I'm ready to let it go.